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The Concept

A Glocal Experience

Embark on a "Glocal" culinary experience: Local in the approach to ingredients, global on the consumption impact. An open kitchen that reflects the concept of convivial dining focused on responsible sourcing, balanced recipes and fresh products for a tasty and healthy cuisine. As its name suggests, the concept of the restaurant reflects the values of sharing, conviviality and well-being.
Tasty and Healthy

Tasty and Healthy

Moments Restaurant brings conviviality and a shared experience to mealtimes. Dishes are designed to be tasty and healthy, using responsibly sourced produce that is sustainable and local wherever possible. Arranged around a central bar, the open kitchen showcases the team’s talent and invites diner interaction. As culinary expertise is demonstrated, sharing and individual dishes are carefully crafted with seasonal variation, depending on the produce of the hour.

Fabrizio Domilici

Fabrizio Domilici - an expert in his field and originally from Geneva - is committed to offering fresh, local ingredients and promoting, as much as possible, sustainable agriculture. Very attached to the Geneva terroir, Fabrizio Domilici is in favor of a virtuous circle, from producer to consumer, with a reasonable approach to consumption.



  • Everyday, from 10:30am to 11:00pm


  • Everyday, from 11:30am to 1:00am